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Bikersnepal Pvt.Ltd was established in 2006 primarily as an Off-road Motorcycle Touring Company for Nepal. But with time we have gradually evolved on to becoming a business house dealing with import and sales of motorcycles, spare parts. With continuous growth both within the touring and the sales of bikes and bike related products, we opened a new Company called Offroad Nepal in 2014. Hence forth, Offroad Nepal was registered as a touring Company. While Bikers Nepal continue to sell bikes and bike related products.

Our Story

In 2014, Bikers Nepal introduced the OFF ROAD Bikes in Nepal, it was the first of its kind introduced here. With both dirt and motard (super moto) versions, the motorcycles were an instant hit with both city and off-road riders. With the amazing public response and positive reviews from the customers, we are now currently developing and even more upgraded bike known as CX 250SE (CX). All of our motorcycles have passed CE, EPA, Carb, ISO9001, and WMI standards.

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Product Development

4 years of struggling with the project to create own brand Pasang Sherpa, the Founder of CX Motorcycles and Bikersnepal Pvt.Ltd has vast industry experience spanning over a decade within motorbike industries as himself being the rider. He has a strong vision for CX Motorcycle to become the Nepal Market Leader. With decades of experience in offroad motorcycle and the automobile industry, Pasang Sherpa along with his team designed, developed & research the motorcycle that match all the riders expectation with world class brand that are factory fitted in the motorcycle and created his own brand CX as registered trademark.

"The CX250SE was designed in three parts. The chassis was designed in the USA, the suspension and body were designed in Canada and the engine was re designed by Bikers Nepal Pvt.Ltd along with ZS Engine Manufacture and assembled in China. All test ride of CX Motorcycle is done by Mr.Daniel Sadlak who did the test ride for KTM, ALTA Motors, CAKE-E Bikes and as well as for Tires. As himself being a motorcross rider and runs his own Motorcross School in California (Sadlak Offroad School). Today, CX Brand is sold in Nepal only with certifications as WMI, CE and ISO9001.”