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Acerbis X-Strong Handguard

The Rally Pro X-Strong is a durable injection-molded Nylon composite handguard that features an anodized aluminum bar for ultimate protection. It includes an indexed steel bar-end insert that mounts solidly and will not allow the guard to rotate in a crash. Optional spoilers are sold separately.

Acerbis X-Factory Handguard

The Acerbis X-Factory Handguards feature a steel bar wrapped with an injection-molded nylon composite material. A replaceable dual injected polypropylene shield mounts to the bar offering ultimate protection from roost, debris, and extreme conditions. A universal mount kit is included for easy installation.

Acerbis Chain Guide

The Acerbis Chain Guide Block easily replaces the entire O.E.M. unit and ensures durability and high resistance to shock and wear from the chain. Made of PA6, it is made of two parts that allow installation without removing the chain.

Trail Tech Endurance II

Endurance II is a simplified gauge, able to replace a vehicles entire instrument cluster. At only 4.2 x 1.6 inches, it fits anywhere and is an easy install with only two wires.

Trail Tech Vapor

ANIMATED TACHOMETER WITH BAR GRAPH SPEEDOMETER FOR POWERSPORTS 3 backlit gauge screens LED shift alerts, Programmable Vehicle tach, temp, and wheel speed sensors Stop watch, Odometer, Max RPM, Trip Time, etc. Feels great to twist the throttle and see the tach bar go up Great for custom builds and all types of motorcycles Clean no-logo case